I Stopped Writing After the Election. That’s Over Now.

I’ve been away a while.

Not in the geographic sense, but it’s been a while since I’ve published anything on Reasonable Creature.

Despite my history of writing, I’ve been conflicted about the value of blogging and words more generally, given how siloed and entrenched everyone is in their own online ecosystem and in their own beliefs. Just posting on social media or talking isn’t really doing anything. Writing without acting made me feel like a hypocrite. Writing accomplishes nothing, I thought.

So I began volunteering, knocking doors for Hillary Clinton in the two months before the election. An initially terrifying experience, I gained my footing with the help of fellow volunteers and the many wonderful (and not so wonderful) people I spoke to. The end result left me devastated, but I gained a renewed sense of purpose that left me feeling stronger and more confident in myself and more connected to the issues and people I had professed to care about. After taking a short break from volunteering (mainly because there were no apparent candidates or races to get involved in) I started canvassing for Democrat Jim Johnson, a former treasury undersecretary and chairman of the Brennan Center for Justice, running for governor of NJ this year. (If you live in NJ, totally check him out!)

But in not sharing my thoughts, which felt pointless after November, I was neglecting an essential part of my identity. Writing is how I make sense of the world — morally and emotionally — and try to make it a little better. And if I’m not being too self-serving, I imagine at least a few people who’ve read my work have been wondering what I have to say, given the shit-show we’re living through. I’ve struggled to get myself to write again, partially due to working two jobs and taking an online course, as well as my general anxiety. (Mostly that.) But after the last several months, I’ve decided that I have something to contribute; my voice matters, if only so that no one confuses my silence with apathy or approval. Perhaps I can even inspire you to take action, whether it’s attending a town hall, knocking on doors for a candidate, or donating to an organization doing work you find valuable.

Either way, there’s a lot of work to do, and it’s good to be back.


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